The Restoration of Many Generations

The Restoration of Many Generations

We’ve spoken, for the last few weeks, about our role in reaching this generation behind us, which is the guarantee of our future. We need to know that the generation behind us is always our future. I’m going to build on this a little bit, so we can see something here. Isaiah 61:4, “And they shall build the old ruins, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations.” Who is they? That’s us. In the context of that, it’s the generation that God was talking to through the prophet. He was saying that God was going to use them, and I’m saying it to us. There is a remnant that’s going to arise out of the dust heap of the culture of our nation, and they are not going to ‘just be satisfied’. They’re going to rise up and they’re going to have an impact. And, I am so excited for them. I want to help that generation to be able to hit the stride and be successful.

I was listening to one of the Ravens the other day, who is on the defense. He’s older now, and he was talking about what his role is. It’s to help these young Raven players that are coming out of college and transition into a fast paced NFL professional level of sports. He was saying that he didn’t have a mentor, or somebody to help him, but he’s made it his objective to help this next generation. All over, the culture is realizing that my generation, four and above, is going off the scene. And, we’re going to be left with the results, or the lack of results. Generation three is going to become four, and two’s going to be three, and we’re going to watch what generation one is going to become. (Remember, one is the 0 to 12 years, two is 12 to 25 years, three is 25 to 50 years, and four is 50 to 70 years.)

Change, conflict, fear, wars, rumors of war, generations battling generations, generations warring within themselves – is everywhere. It is everywhere. The world is changing so quickly that many people are being treated for anxiety and drugs. That’s why we have all of these safe zones and safe spaces. We have to have all that stuff because people are waking up everyday with high levels of anxiety, because they don’t have solutions to the current issues.

The culture and society, today, is absolutely alarmed. Anxiety is mounting because the culture has no hope. Those of us who are supposed to be the orators of God’s Word are not presenting the hope of the Gospel that lies within us. How do we respond to all the changes going on around us?
We closed Monday with the question, “How do we respond to all the changes going on around us?” The culture and society is absolutely alarmed every single day, and anxiety is mounting because the culture has no hope. We need stability in this time.

Isaiah 33:6, “And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of salvation: the fear of the Lord is his treasure.” I love when it says that the fear of the Lord is His treasure. The very thing that’s precious to us. It reminds me of a man named Father Lawrence, who was killed many years ago. They put him on fire, but he wasn’t burning. He said to the wicked king of that time, “I’m done on the right side. Why don’t you flip me over?” And, when they turned him to the left side, he died instantly. Father Lawrence had asked all those he’d ministered to come. They were poor and they were beggars. He said to the king, while he was on fire, “Here is my treasure.” He was talking about the people. The king was furious that he wasn’t being offered gold and silver, and that he was offering wretched, pitiful people, who were treasures to the Kingdom of God. The king had thought that they finally had the leaders and they were going to get their Christian treasures (money).

Stability means something. We need stable Christians. Stability needs to be the walk of our life. I see too many flaky Christians. They’re in church for a week or two, and then they disappear. They serve in this area, then they’re gone. They’re all over the place. They’re happy one day, and depressed the next. They’re not stable. Because of the lack of stability, it’s causing a ripple effect in the culture. Stability means: firmness of position, resistance to disintegration, not likely to fall, firm and steady.

Say, “Lord, I need to be stable.” Some of you need to get a firm position on how and what you believe in this Book. I stand here today to tell you that a lot of Christians, in these universities, don’t know what they believe, anymore. They don’t believe in the Lordship of Jesus. They don’t believe in the virgin birth. They don’t believe in those things that are the basic tenants of our faith. We need to come back to those things and get stable again, because we’re all over the place. And, another generation is trying to find out, “What do we do?”

When they begin to accept transgender and homosexuality as a cultural acceptance… it’s just like lying, stealing, murdering, drinking. It’s a sin. Period! There’s good scripture to back it up! I love the alcoholic and I love the homosexuals. Because, I’m going to love them into the change that God wants for their life. We’ve got to have those absolutes, because the generation behind us are saying, “Mom, Dad, what do you believe?

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