Activating the Blessing on our Destiny

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Effectual means energize in the Greek language. If you want to be effective, then you’ve got to get energy.  Remember, during President Trump’s campaign he talked about one of the candidates being “low energy”. If your life and your walk with God are no longer filled with the zeal of God, you have low energy. You just go around moping and you don’t have any energy. There’s a reason you don’t have any energy. I’m almost 70 and I make some of you 20 year olds look like you’re 70! The word enérgeia means the idea of something that has suddenly come upon and energized or activated you. God wants to do something. It means a place, like a military unit, is activated from their status to bring them into their full capacity.

The work of the Holy Spirit is that he comes to energize you. The Bible says, “The same spirit that rose Christ from the dead dwells in you and will quicken your mortal body.” You should not listen to the depression demon or those demons of oppression that would make you walk around and feel like you just can’t do it. It’s a lie from the pit of Hell! God said He came to give you strength. He came to give you life! That’s just your battery charged. Then, He came to give you a bolt!

Who stole your energy? What stole your energy? I thank God that He renews me every day! My outward man is perishing, yet my inward man is renewed every singe day! God is the source of my strength! Pray with me right now! Father, thank you for the Holy Ghost. Energize me today to finish the course of my life. Bring the energy that I need, today, by the dunamis of God. The dunamis of God, in Acts 2, is the absolute power of God! We need a power charge! You need dunamis!!

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