Pressing Through to the Resurrection Power

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But He didn’t stop at the cross. You know that, right? He didn’t stop there. We look at the cross and make a big deal, and we wear the cross around our necks. We put them up in our churches. But He didn’t stop there. We see Him on the crucifix, where He’s been nailed. And the problem is, sometimes we leave Jesus there. That’s how we know Him. We know Him, and we’re thankful.

But there is more. On that cross, He looked up and said, “It is finished.” Do you know when He said, “It is finished,” the Greek word for “it is finished” is telco, and it’s like a war cry. It’s something that erupted out of Him, and He said, It is finished. It is done. When life looked like it was about to turn, that veil was torn. That earth shook.

But it wasn’t quite done yet, because Jesus had to go somewhere. He had a purpose. He had a destination. And as He descended for those three days, it says that He made a public spectacle of every principality, every power, and He took that on. Paul said, “I want to know Christ. And I want to know the power of His resurrection.”

Are you living in that Resurrection power? Because when Jesus went down, what does it say that He did? He took the keys of death and Hades, and He set the captives free. I love this.

Now, I share this and think about this. I want to know Christ. I want to know the power of His resurrection. I want to know the power. That word “power” is dunamis. You’ve heard it many times. It is dynamite, it is a supernatural ability that comes from God, that we can’t attain to ourselves.

But he says, ”I want to know that.”

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