It’s Not What You Don’t Have. It’s What You Don’t Think.

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We were looking at Romans 12. Verse 2 says, “Don’t be conformed any longer.” That’s important. To conform means to act in accord with the prevailing standard (attitudes and practices of society and the culture). To conform means that I need to act in accordance to what the culture is telling me to act like. Paul said, “Don’t be conformed to the world. Be transformed.” That means the renewing of your mind. Transform means to alter, make over, reconstruct, renew, revitalize, revolutionize, turn around. 
Say, “Lord, help me turn it around and reconstruct some things! Help me renew some things in my head. Help me revolutionize my Christian life so I’m not just living to get by.”
 We’re living in an age where politicians can act like politicians and have no interest in you. We have doctors who are doctors by title but don’t care for their patients. We have people that are called educators who are dumb as a stick, and they’re educating our kids… On what? On nothing. Because, we’ve learned how to “dress up like it”. We’ve learned how to “act like it”. We’ve accepted, “You don’t have to be…” 
You can fake your Christianity. But the bad thing is, when your kids are growing up, they watch your fakeness, and they’ll emulate your fake Christianity. When they don’t want to serve God as they get older, it’s because they watched you fake it. 
People are looking for the real thing. Our biggest challenge in our Christian walk is to do this “renewing of the mind” thing. We have to change our mind. That means by it’s new ideals and it’s new attitudes, so that you may prove to yourself what is the perfect will of God. We can change our directions. We can change our looks. We can change our jobs. We can even change our words. But the biggest challenge for us all is the challenge of changing our minds. Our thoughts, our deep contemplation that shapes our belief systems, is what has to change.

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