The Ripple Effect

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Don’t you know that we serve a God who has a generational mindset? He’s preparing a generation of children, and he knows that they’re going to walk on the earth and bring a mighty deliverance! Don’t you know that when Jesus came, and then when John the Baptist came, Herod rose up and made a decree? Don’t you know, when they were coming out of Egypt Pharaoh made a decree? “Kill all the first born of the Jews. Kill the boys. Because, if they get those little guys trained in the Torah, in the Word of God, they’re a threat to our kingdoms.”

We look at things and we say, “Disney and all these things, they’re just so wonderful.” But, saints, look! I’m not here to bust anybody’s bubble. Go to Disney and have a blast. But they happen to hire more homosexuals than any one industry in America. So, behind all those little characters that are touching your children… Jesus touched and something happened! We follow the traditions of the carnal world and we think it’s okay to do what others did thirty years ago. But, things have changed. What might have been innocent then, isn’t anymore. I don’t believe that Disney created all that for this to happen. When he created it, he wanted to bless these kids. When they created Girl Scouts, they wanted it for a right reason. It was in their constitution. It’s the same with Boy Scouts and the YMCA.

In Matthew 19, Jesus says that the children need to be brought to him and that the Kingdom of God belongs to them. He lays hands on them and blesses them. Verse 16 says, “And behold, there came a man up to Him, saying, ‘Teacher, what excellent and perfectly and essentially good deed must I do to possess eternal life?’” Here is a young man, again. Jesus tells him that he can have deposits in the heavenly realm which will help him walk on the earthly realm. The story is a block of scripture where Jesus is addressing little children and youth, and telling them what they must do to surrender to him.

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