Knowing the Season We Are In

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There’s a lot more to be learned. Science has not revealed every truth. Some science is now being questioned because it was thought to be one way. It’s like the earth… Many years ago it was thought to be flat, and then they discovered that it was round. The textbooks are not the final word. God will lead us into all truth.

When David assembled his army many men came to help him, each with his own area of strength. But, only the men of Issachar understood the times and knew what Israel should do. One of the groups of men that joined David was the tribe of Issachar. David was thrilled! Watch what they did…

There was a people in that day, and there’s a people in this day, that will make a huge difference in every area of life, both naturally and spiritually. I believe that we’ve come to a season of time where a tribe of Israel is being revealed in the spirit realm, and they are going to walk on the earth. You don’t know what tribe you came from. You don’t know where your “great great great” came from.

Now, this group of people knew the times and they knew the seasons. There’s a difference. Times. Seasons.  They were linked up with Israel’s history through prosperity, intercession, and blessing. These tribes are how you identify the history of Israel. 1 Chronicles 12:40 says that these men knew the season that David was in and they aligned themselves with him. It says “Issachar, Zebulun, and Naphtali brought food on donkeys.” That’s what Issachar means, donkey. “They brought camels, mules, and oxen, abundant supplies of meal, cakes of figs, bunches of raisins, wine, oil, oxen, and sheep, for there was joy in Israel.”

There’ll be a people on the earth who are not going to be wandering in a spiritual desert of their Christian experience. They’re going to be people who know what their purpose is. I believe we will see a generation on the earth that will absolutely be profound in their understanding and wisdom, and they will begin to be prophetic in every way.  They’re  going to define where we’re going as nations.

Let me take you somewhere as a dream. Just a thought. It will make my point…

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