Three Keys to Doing Church Successfully: Anointing, Prayer and ?

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Let’s look at the first one, anointing. 1 Corinthians 4:20, “For the Kingdom of God does not consist in words, but in power.” The word there is dunamis. It means ‘ability’. Power is the word dunamis and we find it in Acts 1 and 2, “If you tarry and wait on me I will empower you.”  Jesus said, “I will give you power from on high.” God was saying he would give you ability. It’s not natural ability, like talent. It’s a supernatural impartation of an ability that you don’t have except Christ give it to you. Here’s anointing, so just stay on that thought.

Without God’s anointing in our lives and ministry, there will be no lasting fruit for the Kingdom of God. Without the spiritual quickening, which only God can provide, a person’s ministry will be dead and lifeless. That’s why a lot of churches, today, can have one of these, but maybe not all three of them. They can have prayer but not have an anointing, and they’ll be lifeless. See, anointing gives you a supernatural endowment of God, a download of God, that you didn’t have.

The church, today, desperately needs to operate under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It’s because the natural order of man is to go the other way. What do I mean? To rely on the operating practices of the professionalism of trusting their own minds. “Lean not on your own understanding…”  But, the natural man has decided it knows how to “have church”. There are groups all over America starting franchises called “Church” and they say you don’t need God to start one of them. That’s a sad indictment, where the church has lost its way so much that it doesn’t even know what it means to be the church. We’re letting the culture tell us what the church is. People having church according to their plan.

Remember, the Kingdom of God is a spiritual Kingdom and it must operate under spiritual principles with spiritual power. God is a Spirit, and you cannot operate a spiritual thing unless you have the spirit of that thing.

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