Choose Friendship By the Titus Principle

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Many people testified at the Watchnight service that they had come, then fell apart and went everywhere else, and then the only thing they knew to do was to get back to where they started. Those are good statements, but they have to follow through with it.

I want you to catch this! My background took me through Bishop Gimenez, and then to Pastor Charles Green, who along with Pastor David Shoch prayed for my wife and I in 1974. They laid hands on us and began to prophesy to us things that no one knew but God. There was such an impartation to us. They said that I would stand before vast herds of congregations of people. It was many years later that I was standing before a crowd of 33,000  kids in RFK Stadium, and God let me hear that prophecy in my head again, reminding me that there had been something imparted to me. Then, I was in Nigeria at the Redeemed Camp Meeting with three million plus people and the Lord said to me… “Remember I said this to you…vast herds of congregations…” And, every time I’ve stood in those massive meetings I’ve been reminded what an impartation can mean to me.

Paul said to Timothy, “Stir up the gift of God that was given to you by the laying on of hands. Remember what you grandmother, Lois, spoke to you and imparted to you, Timothy, and war a good warfare.” When you’ve gone through the right channel of a spiritual womb you’re going to inherit certain characteristics that will stay with you all of your life.

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