The Bridegroom Fast

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Those that are in the stronghold of the world get more and more wasted at the altars of sex, drugs, entertainment, violence, and all these things. As they become more and more intoxicated with the worship of their false idols and of their altar, we’re going to see some increase of this stuff and not a decrease, because they are willing to waste their life. All of us who came out of that wasted our nights and our days and we wasted opportunities. Some of you were supposed to go to universities and colleges, but you didn’t make it. Some of you were supposed to be certain kinds of people, and you didn’t make it. A lot of my best friends are dead, and they had great potential, but they wasted their lives at the altar of this world.

There is coming a restoration of the altar of being wasted on all things God. You see, the world always seems to be more intense and more passionate than the church ever gets. The only time we’ve ever seen real passion come out of the church is either during revival or when Jesus was here. When Jesus was on the earth, he was the personification of passion. That’s why they call his death and the whole process, the passion of Christ. No doubt!

There’s coming a shift! And, the change that’s coming is that there are people, today, who are going to be separated. God is separating the world and the church, the wheat and the tares. There’ll be a separation right in the church from those who really want to waste their life for God vs. those who have wasted their life for mammon or for the devil.

Surrendering our lives to his total lordship is the altar of Christ. You can’t really know the Lord unless He is Lord. You can’t call Jesus your Savior until He is Lord. He has to be Lord. That means he has to be supreme. He has to be totally in charge of your life. Not an occasional weekend thing. Not an occasional moment when you get in a trial or a test. God is not your Holy Ghost butler! You ring the bell when you’re going down. Lordship of our lives! Until the air we breathe, every inhale and every exhale, becomes His Word in our lips that we live by.

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