Can You See? He Is Alive!

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A chief priest presented this “elitist core” that dominates and controls the information and thought of the culture. It’s the same today. That High Priest represented the voice and everything that would affect the culture of his time. It controlled the culture. The establishment and governing elites of today are paying the bribe to cover the truth that Jesus is alive.

Hollywood and the media are still investing in that lie. Let’s go back for a moment, two thousand years ago. Come with me. We’re going to step back and get a feel for this event. It has played out over and over throughout mankind’s history in the pursuit for truth. Man has been pursuing truth for thousands of years. But, he has been buffeted by this lie. The Bible tells us that Satan is the father of lies. I believe the heart of this priest was influenced like Judas was by the very dark world of the demonic force of Lucifer inspiring him to conjure up a thing that could say, “Just give these soldiers some money and be quiet.” Think about it.

For centuries, people who wanted to disprove Christ’s resurrection tried to explain why those Roman guards left their duty at the tomb. The same Roman soldiers that would worry about the smallest detail of their work.  It’s because they knew what would happen to them if they failed at their duty. They would have been burned in their uniforms at the stake.

This was not negligence on their part. This was something out of their control. This was something supernatural. They could go to Pilate, but he would remind them that he’d washed his hands of everything. So, the soldiers decided to go to this High Priest, to the counsel of the Sanhedrin, and the story would have looked like this…

Would have looked like what?! Head over to YouTube now to watch this message and hear the rest of the story!

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