God Encounters – Plural!

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Does God still invade people’s lives today? When I see the modern church of today, I see a lot of invasions, but not God invasions. There are a lot of things that go on in the church world, today, that have nothing to do with a biblical pattern of a New Testament church order. The New Testament had power! They had dunamis (power). It was part of the promise at the day of Pentecost.

The Bible is full of men and women who had supernatural God encounters. You could take your Bible and write down every single leader, patriarch, and person in the Old and New Testament, and you could trace back that moment where they had a God encounter. The eunuch who was riding down the road in the chariot and Philip gets translated. I have a friend who’s gotten translated three times. (You’ll have to listen to the message to get that part of the story.) 

Does God still invade people’s lives today? Yes! He does! Can you have a God encounter that shifts everything in your life? Yes! Maybe today! I believe that God encounters are essential to our development as believers. I believe it’s essential to your maturity and your growth. If you don’t go from a God encounter to a God encounter…  In the New Testament they had times where they’re filled with the Holy Ghost, and then they have another time when they’re filled with the Holy Ghost, and then another time. Peter got filled and filled, and God kept visiting them.

David said, “Oh, God, take not thy Holy Spirit from me!” David’s fear was that God would take the Holy Spirit from him. You can go through your life as a born again believer and still be saved, but you’re not having the encounter that pushes you into that edge of real sincerity and openness and hunger and puts you on an edge of saying, “God is able! He’ll do something here, today, for me!” It’s because you get into the lull of the rut of life and there’s no more excitement about tomorrow’s possibility of an encounter.

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