The Power of Communion, Pt 2

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Then, they journeyed on and came upon a man who is kind of a mystery in some ways. But, for us who know the scripture, he’s not a mystery at all. His name is Melchizedek, who was a priest to the Most High God. There’s no Bible reference anywhere else that there was ever that kind of individual. He wasn’t only a priest, he was also a king. We know that Jesus is our High Priest and he is the King of Kings.

We have this first picture of communion. What happened was, Abram meets this guy named Melchizedek. He knows and talks to Abram about the victories he’s had, then he breaks out bread and he breaks out wine and he has a covenant meal with Abram. Not only did that happen, but we find that tithing took place. Melchizedek was standing there as a high priest. It says that Abram was overwhelmed at what was going on. In this covenant that was being made, Abram took all the spoil that he had gotten from the five kings, which was a huge victory. He gave tithe to Melchizedek. I’ll show you in Hebrews where this guy, Melchizedek comes from, and who he was.

The second example is that of Egypt and Israel. It’s the example of the Passover. It’s where the Passover lamb was slain. We know the story where Moses was born into Pharaoh’s house. We know the story that Abraham’s descendants had been living in bondage in Egypt for 400 years (Genesis 15:13). They were a family of 70 when they were taken captive but they grew to several million over 400 years. That’s what made Pharaoh want to get rid of them. He said he didn’t know what to do with these Jews because they were multiplying too much. It was because the favor of God was on them.

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