Women, It’s Time to Answer the Call

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Men can associate with exaggerating. They go fishing and the fish was twelve inches. A week later it’s twice as big. A year later it’s tripled. First, it was five fish. Next year, it’s two dozen. It’s what men do. Women aren’t prone to that as much, because they deal in such factual realities. They deal with the hard facts of raising a child, giving birth to a child and taking care of a child. When that mother starts announcing Christ, everybody listens.

I overheard my wife and my granddaughter at the kitchen sink the other day while they were getting dinner ready. They were discussing some things that were girl stuff. My wife was saying these things, and I was listening for a minute and then I said, “I gotta get out of that.” What’s good about it is that mothers are listened to. A mom can say something to a child. I’ve seen a mother talk to a twenty five year old and had them weeping, where a dad can talk to them and there’s nothing there.  That’s why, if you mothers understood, you’ve been anointed to speak life and to speak the word of God.

We’ve set Mother’s Day aside to honor one of the facets of a woman called “mothering”. There are some women that will never be mothers, and that’s okay. There are some, today, that are young. They’re single and that kind of thing.  But, we’re not going to just emphasize that one facet of womanhood. We’re going to go a little bit farther, today. I want to pray with you and lay hands on you.

I’d like to say that we must see the value of women in their many roles. In the 2020 election it’s going to have a lot of components to deal with about women. There’s going to be some dialogue. There’s going to be some women running for president again. Women’s vote is bigger now than it’s ever been. Women are coming into a new place. I believe it’s long overdue. I believe women have a viable right for the Kingdom of God, today. I believe that we’re going to see a brand new shift where women are going to get in ministry.

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