It’s Time for Dreamers to Emerge

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We see these two things working and they’re opposing, and all of a sudden the church comes to a place where you get saved. You get redeemed. You come in and ask Jesus to come in your life. Your spirit man that was dead comes alive. And, all of a sudden you’re a living being because the Bible says that you were dead in your trespasses and sin and you get born again.

Adam was put out of the garden. The Bible says he was dead, but Adam lived for about 800 years. Well, how did he live? He lived by his soul. And, the soul of man can live a long time because the soul of man will fight and dig and push and invent, so it can get itself to live. If you want to see an example, all you have to do is look at the Tower of Babel. The Bible says that God came down and said, “Whatever is in their mind they can do.” It’s the only place that God stepped in. God didn’t come down in Noah’s day because God was dealing with sin. Blood eradicates sin because the altar was done… The washing away. Everything was done to take care of sin. That’s why man was judged. But, when they went to build the Tower of Babel, God had to come down and confuse their language because their mind was able to create and do a lot of things.

Whatever is in his mind to do, man can do. Your mind is a wicked instrument when it’s not under the blood. You see, God didn’t want man to be made up of three parts, which he is. Spirit, soul, and body. God didn’t want man to have a soul that was at war with God. He wanted man to have a soul that was converted to God. He wanted a man that could have a soul that could think with his mind, like God. God wants us to have emotions. He wants us to have the mind of God and he wants us to know the will of God. Not our will but His will be done.

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