Redigging Wells

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We have cities in America, today, that have dishonored everything that has to do with our early settlers and the fathers who founded the nation. They were imperfect people, as we all are, but they built something that is the longest lasting democracy (or republic) that’s ever been. Yet, we have this nation that is being torn and ripped in every direction. We have a flag that over a million and a half young men and women have died for, and tried to defend. We have all that going on and it didn’t happen because Russia came and put dirt in the well. America’s well did not get polluted by China. They’re stealing our personal intelligence, yes, but they didn’t put dirt in the well. When an athlete kneels down instead of honoring the flag, he didn’t get that dirt from a communist. In Abraham’s day, the well got dirt from Abraham’s people. So, the Baptist Church and the Methodist, Lutheran or Pentecostal churches are not getting their wells polluted by outsiders. Sinners aren’t walking up and seeing if they can dump dirt in that well.

Look, the priests that are being arrested and put in jails and busted all the time for being pedophiles…They’re within the conclave of that. When I was a kid Khrushchev said, “We will take America without firing a single shot. Because it will destroy itself from within.” That’s what happens in all church life.  The Boy Scouts of America stayed without dirt in its well for a long time. Now, it’s all split up and coming apart every day. It didn’t happen because somebody outside put it in there. Somebody got inside to put it in there. Congress is not now putting its hand on the Koran when they get sworn in. It’s because somebody on the outside came up and said, “Here’s the Koran. Why don’t you use this?” Somebody got voted in and said, “I want the Koran as my point of covenant agreement with America.” But, you can’t put your hand on the Koran and follow the Constitution that this nation was founded on. You’ve got your hand on some dirt.

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