Uncontrolled Change, Part 2

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We can determine what is right by our will and we can determine what is wrong. Good and evil. We can decide to love God or curse God. We can decide to abandon truth or create our own truth. Change is in the hand of man. We use the human will to impose our will to the world. Especially right now. We see the desire to change America from a Judeo-Christian normal kind of national view to a failed system of socialism. Socialism has never worked. Never! Give me a plan that’ll work and I’ll consider it. But when you hold up a constant plan of failure, you’re not going to convince me that your plan is a good plan.

Change… from a moral nation with laws to uphold those moral beliefs as standards to an immoral nation that lives to please itself with no restraints or guidelines, creating a lawless culture. We murder our newborn and are shocked when the kids that escaped the selfish verdict kill at random what they don’t like or what they deem unnecessary or unimportant or not valued. How can we be shocked when they’re killing in Chicago? How can we be shocked when kids are killing kids and we’re over here killing kids. We’ve outdone them because we’ve killed fifty-three million and they’ve only got a few hundred thousand.

Uncontrolled change can tip the boat. So can other human imposed changes, scientific changes… AI, human DNA manipulations, and what we are going to do with these new discoveries. AI sounds so cool, but it’s scary! There’s no control on things like iPads and the games the kids are playing.  Uncontrolled change… Technological changes that control our lives and invade our lives. Our behaviors, our appetites, our cars, our clothes, our vacations. Economic interdependence. How we spend what we earn. Which nations have power to prosper. Where our money is spent by our government. Major decisions of change to the definition of terms of words, like choice for killing. It goes on and on…

We must become the answer to our prayer for changes. You and me. There are those of you from other nations, and you’re the answer for that nation. There’s an unimpeded prayer that God will let you pray and pull out of this house. We’ve had prophecy that this house is like a battleship, and there are missiles of prayer that are shooting off the deck of this ship. We pray on Friday night. We pray on Saturdays.  And because we pray all the time, there are missiles coming out of here. Say with me, “Lord, thank you for all the Holy Ghost empowered missiles that are going to land in our city.”

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