Uncontrolled Change

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There’s also a law of influence. That’s what leadership is. The law of influence is something that’s important that we have in our culture. We’re living in a culture that wants everything to be vanilla and everybody to be equal. Being equal is not God’s plan. Every kid should not get a trophy just because they show up for sports. That goes into a lot of areas but I’m just kind of generalizing it, right now. We need to know that there’s a law of influence. On a plane there’s a pilot and a co-pilot. There’s a pilot and a stewardess. Thank God they’re not all the same!

In the book of Genesis, Moses was dealing with a group of rebels who had risen up and attacked him and said, “Moses, we hear from God, too. We can hear from God just like you do.” And, it turned into rebellion and they got leprosy. One group, just because they got involved with it, got killed. The earth opened up and swallowed them. Sometimes, when you come in agreement with the devil, you get the consequences of the devil’s stuff.  God will keep the devil alive because He’s got something reserved for him. When God deals with something or somebody, and you go in with empathy and all kinds of sloppy agape, and you want to put your arms around it… You better stop and step back a minute and think, “Am I hugging the results of what they did?” Thank God for the law of influence.

There’s a law of sacrifice. Without the law of sacrifice we wouldn’t have Calvary. We wouldn’t have the ‘born again’ experience if we didn’t have the law of sacrifice. Then, there’s the law of connection. Do you know that God is a God who sovereignly connects things? How did you find that wife or that husband? It’s the law of divine connection.

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