Sacrifices That Are Acceptable

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Now, I know He’s present, but are we? Two weeks ago a family from Hawaii was watching our Saturday night program and the husband of the wife laid hands on her because she was just eating liquids and was extremely ill. While Pastor Eric was praying for healing, she got healed. Here’s what that is. God can move by his Spirit even when we’re not aware that He’s present. He’ll bless others when we completely miss the blessing. A lot of times we miss the blessing, especially when we’re familiar with it. “It’s always been here…” While somebody else watching it on TV goes, “Wow! Wow! That’s so powerful. I got healed. Hallelujah!” And you sit right there in the same building and it goes right over our head. See, that’s about taking people and the anointing for granted.

The real question is, “Are we bringing a sacrifice to the Lord?” That’s what the message is today. It is about a word called sacrifice. We don’t use it. We don’t really have it in our daily vocabulary. Not weekly, monthly or yearly.  We really don’t know this word. We’re not familiar with the word sacrifice. I’ll tell you why. There’s an acceptable sacrifice. Then, there’s one that’s unacceptable. We had it with Cain and Able.

Are we just bringing any old thing to the Lord? Leftovers? Leviticus says that when the Priests and the Levites brought the rams, goats, and lambs for slaughter, (that’s where the burnt offering came from) that they were not allowed to let that be kept over for the next day. That’s why everything was put on the fire and it became the burnt offering. Everything was consumed. Our God is a consuming God. He takes over and consumes everything in our lives. But, when we hold off pieces, we’re walking around with leftovers.

Today, God wanted us to come to church and when we finished sacrificing and worshipping, He wanted us to be so consumed in His glory that we were burnt up and had nothing left over and it had to be new sacrifices for the next day. So, tomorrow you’re supposed to wake up and bring new sacrifices. But, what we do is we hold back from God and keep little pieces and it spoils. The manna could not be kept because worms would get in it. God doesn’t want your leftovers.

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