Vision, Imagination and an Open Mouth

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No! You’re stepping into a place that represents a shift into the supernatural. So, everything in the Kingdom and everything in the Spirit is available to us every time we walk in. When you sat down, today, you didn’t sit down in just a building. You sat down into something that is both physical and spiritual at the same time. This is where the body of Christ meets. This is what God calls the church. And, if the church is the body of Christ, then it has to be both physical and spiritual at the same time.

Jacob correctly illustrates the mindset of most Christians. He says, “This is the house of God, and I didn’t even know it.” In other words, as a believer, sometimes I’m not really aware of where I am. I stepped into a dimension that’s supposed to immediately lift my spirit.  I’m in a place where I begin to think more about praying for others than I do about praying for myself. I realize when I start to mediate and when I start to intercede for someone else, my voice changes in the kingdom into a voice that sounds like Christ to God. So, I can begin to get some things done in the spirit. Am I making sense to anybody in this room?

You must enter with an attitude, what I call a heart of worship. You must desire to hear from God. You have to have a desire to see God move, a desire to experience for yourself the move of God. Faith is needed to discern this atmosphere. It’s what I call a sensitivity to all that exists in the sanctuary. Imagine if we came to church with an expectation that every time we came we were going to see God move. That we were believing God would move in somebody else’s life. That we believe if He does it for them He’ll do it for me. I don’t have to have the miracle happen for me every time. I need to be in proximity to what God is doing so I can jump in! So I can bum-rush the anointing. I want to get what God is doing. So, I’ve got to have faith. This is His tabernacle. This is His church. The place where faith tells me all things are possible. Repeat after me, all things are possible! All things are possible!!

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