Ecclesia, God’s Dwelling Place

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You pray, “Whatever is in Heaven becomes on the earth. Whatever you loose, declare lawful…” We’re the ones that should be setting the standard. I love the fact that this young boy who plays for the Patriots… He used to play for us and he’s retiring. Watson. He’s put out a movie and it’s about abortion and he’s really going after it. He’s investing in this thing and he and a lot of other people are going after it. They’re trying to turn this thing. We could live in a time where abortion could get turned. That means 55 million kids won’t be killed anymore.

You see, we’re the ones that are supposed to be saying, “We loose that thing that is lawful and on the earth. What should already be loosed in Heaven.” We are the ones that can decree “righteousness shall prevail!” We’re the ones that can declare that the financial things can turn around and the wealth can come to the church. “For the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just.”

In Greek culture an Ecclesia was the ruling body that governed the city or the state. Ecclesia, the Church, was the ruling body and that should be ruling what happens in Baltimore. We didn’t call it that! We were told, “Go over there in the corner and get your beads and say three hail Mary’s and stay quiet and don’t do anything. Just get in there and be quiet.” And then, we get what we get, today. Three hundred and fifty-eight murders, or something like that.

Come on, saints. It says it. It’s the definition. The Greek culture where we get the word, Ecclesia, was the ruling body that governed the city and the state. Thus, Jesus didn’t create a new word, but he borrowed a word from a common political word to describe his goal for those who would be his disciples. That they would represent His kingdom, his will on earth with binding and loosening powers that would govern the heavenly bodies and principalities. In other words, keeping them from operating.

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