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In order to be transformed you have to understand the darkness. You have to understand the loneliness. You have to understand the process of cocooning before you learn how to fly. Because, you don’t transform out in the open. God will take you to the wilderness. He will take you to a hidden brook. He will take you to a secret place. He will take you to the belly of the whale to transform you and to work his work in your life, where all of a sudden you begin to grow wings, and you begin to do what you were born to do. You begin to fly!

You see, you’ve got to understand something about butterflies. They don’t age, they stage. There are some timeless people in this room, and it just seems like, as time goes on, they just don’t get old. Butterflies stage. They move in stages. You’ve got to understand something about caterpillars. Caterpillars don’t reproduce, butterflies do.

See, I’m talking to the church, here. You have to transform. You’re not just born to fly, you’re born to multiply. You have to realize that you have to go through the process of cocooning. You have to go through transformation in order to move from stage to stage. We have to be a people who understand the stage in the stages of God. And, we have to understand the stage in the stage. If we’re going to fly, we’re also going to multiply. We have to learn how to discern the stage, learn the season, understand the times and the seasons. Like the sons of Issachar, but also what to do.

I’ve got to prophesy over somebody in this place. You are coming out of your cocoon in 2020. You’re coming out of your dark season in 2020. You’re coming out of hiding. You’re coming into the open in 2020. This is the year you have been waiting for and believing for. You’ve grown some wings and it’s time to fly and it’s time to multiply! This is a bridge moment. This time frame that we’re in right now is a bridge moment in history.

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