Who’s In Charge?- Pt. 5

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I’ve been preaching for all these weeks in a row about who’s in charge. We’ve been declaring that we’re coming out of this Babylonian captivity. I’m going to talk to you, today, about this whole idea of ‘what and who’ gives you authority. We have authority, today! One of the tricks of the enemy was to rob people of feeling like they were still in charge. A lot of people watching… You just sit there in your house and feel that you’re okay and you’ve got your little microwave and you’ve got your little snack. But, we’ve got to understand that that’s authority that’s been given to you. They are delegating it. They’re allowing it. They’re letting it be given to you. We need to get a better picture of something, here. All of this imbalance with Lowes and Walmart and Cosco’s can be jammed to the hilt. We’ve got to get something figured out.

We’ve been talking about this whole Babylonian captivity. Remember, Babylon means confusion and it’s a type of the world’s systems. So, when I use Babylon, I’m not talking about that place back thousands of years ago. I’m not talking about that place. But I am talking about how the Bible refers to it from Genesis all the way into Revelation. It uses the illustration of Babylon as a picture of a corrupt, wicked system. Every day we hear some shocking piece of news, where they’re manipulating and listening in on our phones. They want to do a new thing, whether you have the virus or not, and they want to try to follow that. There’s lots of that going on.

We found out that there was a hearing with some of the members of the House about abortion. There are all kinds of things.  Who’s in charge that’s going to make these decisions to change that? Supreme Court justices have to be replaced. There’s a lot of court cases out there, right now, with the church and trying to get freedom. And, the church is winning them! But, there are a lot of wicked schemes going on. Some states have risen up and now ‘they’ve got the power’.  Something is wrong here…

Babylon is a representation of a system of false religion, full of ideology and false authority founded in rebellion. It’s a system of false government established through unrighteous gain and underwritten by the monetary systems of the world. Simply, Babylon represents a kingdom built on all that is false and in opposition to the Kingdom of God, which is built on all that is right and true. So, you have two kingdoms. The kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light. The kingdom of Babylon is built on false opposition to the Kingdom of God. And then you have the Kingdom of God that’s built on truth and what’s right.

We will continue on Friday! Have a great week!

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