The Lord is the Strength of My Life

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We’ve gone through a shut down. A time where the church has been put aside and locked down. It should cause the church to come out of that. I’ve been preaching about coming out of captivity since January. We need to understand that there’s something different. The world is suffering, right now, in its hunger and pursuit to see something different than the norm. We’ve heard all the political angles and all the political positions and they’re just having to copy one another. They can’t hardly come up with an original slogan. We need to hear what God’s opinion is. We need to put ourselves in front of God so we can hear that.

It’s not easy, today, when you choose to believe. My wife says that people live their Christian life according to their own terms. It’s true! Live our own Christian life on our own terms. Not based on this book. Not based on the truth. It’s the truth that sets you free. It’s based on our own opinion and our own feelings. It’s not hard to realize that, but it is hard to live the believer’s life. It’s hard to walk in prayer every day. It’s hard to walk everyday saying you’re faithful to God ‘s Word. That you read God’s Word. That you put God first in your life. Putting God first in your life is a challenge. A lot of people don’t. He’s second or third. I’ll get around to it. Fourth, fifth. If I’m available.

We’re living in a day where all this can come to an end fairly rapidly. We’re living in the last days and I don’t believe that any man knows the time. Jesus said that no man knows the time when it’s all going to be done. I believe we’re living in some prophetic times. Luke tells us that we’ve come to a prophetic time where the year or the time of the Gentile has come to an end. Jerusalem, it says, will be trampled underfoot, and go through a real negative. I believe what President Trump did, putting Jerusalem back on the map as the capital of Israel, was a major prophetic shift in the very Bible, itself, and in the understanding of what God is doing.  I believe because of that, that we’re at the end of the time of the Gentile. The Gentile is that which wants to do things from the secular, something from the opinion of its own cultural desire. I believe that’s coming to an end.

There is constant opposition and resistance to our pursuit of God, both in the natural and the spiritual realm. There’s a constant pressure in the world, today.

We will continue on Friday. Have a great week!

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