Appeal Unto Heaven

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Now, I’m going to say it until you get it! All of them got promises but they did not get them fulfilled. Notice, now! They didn’t quit like some of the Christians do today. “Well, God said he was gonna do it and he hasn’t done it so I’m just going to walk away.” Hello! See, they didn’t quit! Too many of God’s people quit. But, when you quit, you stop the promise from getting to your children. When you quit God, you stop the promise from getting where it was intended to go!

Look here! Just because God speaks to you does not mean you are going to inherit the promise that he said. You’re contending for the word, but it may not be for you to fulfill it. And, if we’d ever get rid of our selfishness, we’d start living for the purpose of us! Read verse 40… Because God had us in mind. … “He had something better and greater in view for us, so that they [these heroes and heroines of faith] should not come to perfection…” Now, that word is important to understand. When it says that they would not come to perfection it means completion. “So, they would not come to completion apart from us…” Because we join them!

Do you understand that what I read to you about John Winthrop, that old lawyer and prophet, that he had a word for a day that wasn’t in his time? And, because he had a word, we came along all these years later and we inherit the word that he had. He wasn’t complete without us!

Abraham, the father of our faith, was the father of nations. And, at the time there wasn’t even a nation! He was looking for a builder and city and maker who was God! So, there wasn’t even a nation, but he was the father of a nation. And, his sons Isaac and Jacob became the promise fulfilled.

Saints! If we will get this…all the promises that God brings. Look, He brought promises to certain people in the Bible. Moses, and then God took him up in the mountain and killed him, yet you find him later in the Mount of Transfiguration, because God still used him. When God sees your heart and sees your attitude and you get an ugly spirit on you, and you begin to get selfish and you become greedy, God will just put you to the side. And, all the promises that came to you, you ain’t getting them. You’re not going to fulfill one of them!

Too many of God’s people quit. They quit because they’re so selfish, that it’s always about them. “I’m called to preach! I’m going to be the preacher.” God says, “Oh, no you’re not!” The word for you is that there would be a preacher, but it might be in your loins. Levi was in the loins of Abraham when God gave the word to Abraham.

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