The Gates Must Be Built

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There’s a simple thing here. All of the waste and all of the garbage was taken out through this gate. We need to let God give us an outlet. The outlet is repentance. When you repent you let the garbage out of your soul. You let the garbage out of your life. There’s a lot of wasted negative thoughts. A lot of wasted energy. A lot of waste that we have in our lives and we need to let it go. We need to let it out. The way you let it out is through the gateway of repentance. When you repent then healing comes. Restoration comes. God is saying something to us, today.

I wrote this down… The Holy Spirit is cleansing us of all unrighteousness. Sin defiles, destroys, poisons, pollutes, curses and corrupts our lives. I’m going to say it again so that you get it! Sin defiles, destroys, poisons, pollutes, curses and corrupts our lives. It is a menacing murderer and a crafty killer. Sin will slowly take your life. It will take your life and destroy it. Many of you remember when you were living a life of sin. How you were dying. How you were getting older. You were looking worse because sin will corrupt you in the innermost part of your being. You’ve got to hear that, today. It spoils everything. It seduces everything and it dams everything up and it dominates everything. Yet, it seems pleasurable for a season.

Sin is one of those things that seems like it’s fun for the moment. Sin, when you were drinking or when you were doing those things, it seemed like it was fun for the moment, but then you woke up with a headache, or you woke up in jail, like me. That’s not fun! Sin can deceive us. It can pollute us. It can destroy and poison, curse and corrupt every part of our life.

One of the reasons the church is vulnerable, right now, is because the church has let sin come back in. The church has allowed sin to come into it. And because of it, that sin of pride and corruption has caused some very, very damning things to happen in our lives. With the things of God, he’s slow… He brings mercy and he doesn’t bring wrath. But listen! God is not just going to tolerate, forever, what goes on. He’ll bring judgement at some point. We need to hear that, today!

This dung gate is very important. The dung gate, the waste of poisons, we must remove from within. Jesus spoke about pollutions of the soul. The dung gate was only an exit. Jesus’ view of sin was this. Here’s what I wrote down. Here’s how Jesus viewed Matthew and saw the stories about people that were caught in sin. The woman that was caught in sin. He said, “Throw the first stone.” All these stories. Here’s how Jesus, I believe, evaluated sin. He said, “Would I be willing to commit this act if I knew it would cost me Heaven?”

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