Angels Assigned to Watch Over Your Prayers

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Here’s our entrance as we go along. We have these quiet moments of thirty minutes in Heaven. Then we have these seven angels come up. Then we have the eighth angel. Another angel. All Jewish scholars have labeled them as archangels. These are the seven archangels of Heaven’s government. I can tell you two of them, right now.  There’s a list of them. Two of them are Gabriel and Michael. They are archangels. I’ll tell you three functions of angels so you’ll understand how they interact with your prayers.

If you can get this, today, you’re going to be aware when you pray. And, I don’t mean some selfish, self-centered prayer. James says that you pray empty prayers, aimless prayers. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about anointed prayers! When you pray out of your soul you get what you pray but you get the reward of earth. People are mixed up, today. They think because they pray, (they pray out of their soul and they see an answer to what they pray), and they think that’s the answer from Heaven. Heaven’s answer to your prayer might not look like what you were praying. But, your soulish prayers will look exactly like what you prayed.

You want a woman? You’ll go find one. “Lord, send a woman!” And, there’s a woman.  “Lord, send a man!” And, there’s a man, and you go get that! You end up with what you prayed for. We pray for jobs and things like that and we say, “Oh God! Oh God!” And then, the job comes and we go around… “Woo! Hooo!” Then, later in life we look and say, “Oh my God! I made a turn. Where is God? Did I get a career at the cost of God?”  It’s prayer that’s based out of a soulish desire.

Remember that James said, “You pray amiss!” So, how can you be praying and you pray amiss? Well, I like to hunt and when I shoot my geese when they’re flying by, I have to shoot to hit, not shoot to miss! Let’s go a little deeper. We’ve got seven archangels in Heaven. They’re the head angels. That’s what the word, ‘arch’ means. Seven is God’s number. Perfection. I said to you that Michael and Gabriel are a couple of those angels. We need to see them only for putting this piece together. You’re going to get this today! I’m just opening the book up so you can say, “Oh my God! It’s been there all this time!” There are angels that are waiting. They’re like the runner. They’ve got their foot in the blocks of Heaven and they’re waiting for you to release them. They can’t move on the earth till you release them.

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