It’s Time To Get On Jehu’s Chariot

There’s no doubt to me that the purpose of the 21 day fast has been to open our spiritual eyes to a full revelation of the subject of generations. There are times when the church finds the personality of the Holy Spirit, and we move with what he’s doing. God and the Holy Spirit have personality. There are times when God is angry and there are times when He rejoices. Jesus wept over cities. The expression of personality that God is trying to focus us on, as believers and church people at RCC, is to give us a spiritual awakening of the understanding of generations.

I believe the future of our church, all of Christianity, and the reformation that God wants to bring through us, is to bring a shift to the culture of America that lies within this revelation and the acceptance of the reproductive message of generational thinking. The future of this church, and the Church, is hanging in the balance. I believe there’s a reformation that God wants to bring. It’s not only as we celebrate the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation that Martin Luther brought, but I believe there is a reformation that God is trying to bring into his church in this day.

We have to change the way we think and the way we talk. We have to decide that we’re going to change some things about our whole existence. In this impacting reformational change that’s coming, there’s a shift to the culture of America that needs to happen. The culture of America has set the pace for everything, including the church. The culture has set the pace for how we live, dress, talk, and act. What we watch and do is set by the culture of the world, not the culture of the church. Because of it, we are like a people who have been untied from the dock and are adrift in the winds of adversity. Our ship seems to be adrift, and we’re floating around, not sure of anything. Identity is being lost, even in the church. Those that used to identity as being blood washed, born again, and spirit filled Christians, are now saying, “Well, maybe the spirit filled part is not there.” Or, “I don’t know if the blood is real…” We’re losing identity of those absolutes that gave us strength. Years back, when you asked a Christian, they were able to say, “I’m blood washed, born again, saved and redeemed.” They could lay that out in seconds. Today, you ask somebody and they say, “Well, I go to church.” They can’t identify who they are.
I believe the rope has come untied and the boat’s drifting from the dock of security. We’re floating in the sea of humanity and culture and we have no idea where our bearings are. Our compass isn’t working and we’re adrift at sea.

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