Time Is the Currency Of Life

Time is the currency of your life. Not money, but time. Time is the currency that you have to invest, to make your life, to fulfill your dreams, and to do all that God has given you. Don’t waste time! Learn not to waste time. Every decision regarding our time is an eternal one. Every decision you make, today, is a locked-in, eternal decision. What you decide, today, is going to shape your future for tomorrow.

Why did God create time? God is eternal. He had to create eternity because eternity has to do with time. God doesn’t need time because he has always been and he will always be. God created time and eternity for us. Everything in life is based on time. God created time because of purpose. Time and purpose are joined at the hip. God based time on what the purpose was. When a man’s time is up, his purpose is done.

I was witnessing to a man, the other day, who is my age but has had some physical issues to deal with. What he said to me triggered what I want to preach today. He said, “I must have a purpose because I still have some time.” I got it as soon as he said that!  See, the Lord speaks to me through donkeys, sinners, saints, my wife, and especially through you. You are a lifetime series of messages. I couldn’t exhaust them if I tried! You are a new sermon every week! I’m just quoting Paul. He said you’re an open letter written and read by all men.
God created time because of purpose. Without purpose there is no need for time. Timing gives a certainty that what we are trusting to happen will come to pass. You set things in motion in your life based on a time. You say, “Next month we celebrate Resurrection Sunday.” Or, “In July we’ll have Compassion Commission.” We will set things in that motion and move them according to that time, because there’s a purpose that’s needed at that time to do it.

We need to grasp this… How time and purpose work. The Bible says that it was a fool who said, “My barns are full. I’m so blessed that I’m going to tear them down and build bigger barns than ever before.” Then, the voice of God said, “You fool, this day your soul is required of you.” That man had purpose but he didn’t have time. If you get time and purpose mixed up, you will end up in tragedy. When you focus on your purpose, and you’re not doing what God purposed, you will run out of time. All of us face the reality that, one day, we will run out of time. You’re going to have an end-time message!

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