Who Is In Charge? Part 2| May 3, 2020

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Part 2: Who’s In Charge?
The #1 Question in the 21st Century

Charles Finney said, “The Christian church was designed to make aggressive movements in every direction—to lift up her voice and put forth her energies against iniquity in high and in low places—to reform individuals, communities, and governments, and never rest until the kingdom and the greatness of the kingdom of the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High—until every form of iniquity is driven from the earth.”

There are two systems going on and we’re faced with this Babylonian corrupt, vile, and immoral system. And, we’re going to have to address it and speak to it. That’s why Kanye West and Bieber, and some of those guys, are starting to come out of being isolated and they are starting to share their faith. They’re starting to say, “Wait a minute. I don’t believe that the president is a crazy man, but that he has some good thoughts. He’s helped the nation.” So, there are some things shifting. I’m going to tell you… Everything that can be shaken shall be shaken. If you thought there was shaking in politics before, you better get some good shock absorbers and glue them to your backside, because you’re going to need to be able to bob and weave. Things are going to shake! Everything that can be shaken is gonna get shook! Things are getting exposed. God is doing these things!

If God opens this up and he exposes all of these vile Babylonian systems… If the Church doesn’t hear, and rise up in faith, and occupy the new role of being the voice of reason, the voice of peace, the voice of wisdom and the voice of deliverance, then the Babylonian system will replace itself with even a worse system. Are you hearing me, today? That system has had its day. It’s like Israel. When Israel was coming out, you find with Daniel and you find with Ezra, that when they were coming out in the last days and weeks, Old Nebuchadnezzar got dealt with. He was eating grass like a wild donkey. He was out in the fields. He had lost his mind.

I want you to know this! God will send a spirit of confusion, a spirit that will come over some of these politicians, and they won’t be able to speak clearly. They won’t be able to pronounce their vileness. They won’t be able to declare what they’ve been able to declare with absolute freedom because God is hearing the prayers of the saints and He’s going to cause the airways to be interfered with by the prayers. And, we’re going to hear a clear word. We’re going to hear clearness come and God is going to speak. And, reformation and revival and restoration are going to start to take place in places you wouldn’t have even imagined. There are going to be outbreaks in states where they haven’t let prayer be in the center of the legislative body. Prayer is going to get invited back into these states. Back into their capitols. Trust me when I tell you. This is the Word of the Lord. They’re going to come back in. You’re going to find schools that are going to say, “I don’t care! We must have prayer back in the schools.” And, you watch! There’ll be legislation and body’s that will judge it and judges that will give lean to it. That’s why the president has replaced so many judges. Because God was setting this thing up! You need to hear that, today! There’s a shift coming and the Babylonian system is going to run out of energy and run out of con jobs. It’s going to run out of its manipulation. Vileness and corruption are going to get exposed. This is a shift like we have never seen!

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