Who’s In Charge? Part 3: May 10, 2020

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The culture of the Babylonian structure is always death. That’s why abortion is so popular in the culture of Babylon. Because, they don’t mind killing their own. We need to realize that the system of Babylon is corrupt. We need to know who’s running this earth and we need to know what is the responsibility of the Lord Jesus Christ’s Church? What is the responsibility of you? Of your life?

Captivity is often the catalyst for change. It offers us the opportunity to awaken, to replenish, to strengthen and arise. And, a renewed purpose. The Bible tells us that when we realize this change coming through the catalyst of this captivity, we’ll be dissatisfied by sitting complacently in our captivity. I’m praying for you, today, that you become a people who are holily dissatisfied with the place where you’ve been over the last years. That you’ll decide that you’re not going back to business as usual. That you’ll decide that you’re not going to stay in that apathetic place of just being

I’ve got to tell you, nothing bothers me any worse than passive, apathetic people, because they are a prime target for a shark to devour them. You ask, “Why’d you use that?” Because a shark attacks you. I’ve been attacked by two sharks, a hammerhead, and a bull shark, and I can tell you what it’s like. One of the things you do is, you don’t lay still in the water. You start moving your hands and pushing against it. You don’t paddle or swim or try to get away from it. Stand your ground and bump it. Push it.  When the enemy comes, we need to resist the devil and he’ll flee. Not you flee! You resist the devil and that’s a change of you saying, “You know what? I’m not going to be complacent any longer. I’m not just going to sit in my captivity and go along with the system. I’m not going to just sit there and go along.” And, we will not miss the opportunity God is using for an entire generation to impact the culture – the politics, the economics, the social agendas, along with the educational systems… With God’s Kingdom in full display.

I want to say this to you, and you must hear it! Babylonian culture has stolen our future. The Babylonian system has stolen our future. What? Our future; our children. Generation one, generation two, generation three… Those are our future. I wrote a book about it called “The 5-G Shift”. It’ll help you define the five generations living on the earth at this time.  And, each one of them has a divine destiny.

Babylonian culture has stolen our future. Generations of gifted and strong young men and women have been stolen. When Babylon captured Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, they changed their Hebrew names. These are the boys, Meshach, Shadrach, Abednego… They changed their Hebrew names which represented that they were going to change their nature and change their character from who God had said they were. So, the whole plan of the Babylonian system, through our colleges, our education systems, even our political structure, is to change a generation of children. Hitler tried it and he said if you give me these young teens, I’ll take over the world. We can look around us and see that many of our best singers, actors, musicians, and athletes have been stolen from us.

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