• The Rock City Church administrative office is OPEN during regular hours this week. All services are now being live streamed at www.rockcitychurchlive.com. Tune-in online Sunday at 10:30am and Thursday at 7:00pm for the Word of God and prayer!
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    All Services are now being Live Streamed
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    Rock City Church is a place where everyone is welcome and a place to connect with others. We are currently live streaming all services with the ability to chat and connect with other believers. God is speaking during this time and we want you to tune-in to our live stream at www.rockcitychurchlive.com on Sunday at 10:30am and Thursday at 7:00pm for the Word of God and prayer!

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    We are glad to deliver an online sermon archive. If you miss our live stream Sunday at 10:30am and Thursday at 7:00pm, you can still view sermons here. Please take a moment to subscribe and click the notification bell to get alerted when we are live streaming.

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    Bishop Bart PierceSenior Pastor
    Welcome to Rock City Church online! We are so glad you are here. We hope you will watch online to experience what God is doing and hear what He is saying during this time.
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    How To Re-Cover | March 29, 2020 Episode 1

    It is time for us to redeem the time, for the days are evil. All the enemy has done, God wants you to recover what the enemy has tried to steal.

    Words matter. God has to be the source of our information, today. I want you to know that this book, God’s Word, is the resource and the source of all information that you need pertaining to life. Pertaining to every aspect of life. How do you pay your bills and how do you get through this? How do you handle being in a house with three or four or five young kids bouncing off the wall? God gives grace to those that need grace in the area that you need grace in!

    The Bible says that heaven and earth will pass away but God’s Word will always remain. You need to take that seriously when I say that to you! Heaven and earth will pass away, but God’s Word will remain forever. Thank God, today, for the Holy Spirit. The Bible says that Holy Spirit is called our comforter. Isn’t that good news? The Holy Spirit comes to comfort you. Let him comfort you in this day.

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    How to Re-Cover

    This message is continued from The Bugle, our email newsletter. To receive The Bugle, enter your email in the Subscribe box on this page! I’m saying to you, today. No matter…

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