Who Will Carry the Burden?

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Let me give you a modern analogy of the mixed multitude. How about illegal aliens? Their allegiance is to self, not to the nation where they live. They are the enemies hidden among us because life in the shadows is life in fear of being sent home. If the greatest motivation is the fear that you might get sent back, you’re not necessarily going to do the right thing. And you’re not going to defend the nation because you’re a leech on the nation. You’re only here for fishes and loaves.

I’m trying to give you a modern day understanding that the greatest enemy to oneness is people who aren’t committed. The greatest enemy to carrying a burden is somebody who is not vested in the burden. Not only that, when you’re that, you try to make the nation a hypocrite, because we’re making people go through rules and paying lots of money to become citizens and there’s a whole other group that said, “All I gotta do is climb the fence and I’m in.”  You’ve got to make up your mind. You’re either going to do it right… Either the law is the law, or else it’s a suggestion.  Or, it’s the law that only applies to some and doesn’t apply to all.

In church life there’s a mixed multitude. Yes, there is! In church life there are those that are here for the trappings. They got a nice building, they got a children’s program, it’s heated, lights are good, they do good works. But, I ain’t doin’ none of that stuff. I go to a church where we feed the needy. But what do you do? The mixed multitude are here for the fishes and loaves but they ain’t here to get their hands dirty. They’re only committed to themselves and not the vision. The worst person in battle time is the one who’s running from work! We often hear that we’re a battleship at RCC. We are not the USS Comfort. Battleships take on stuff. Battleships go into rough seas and go down in the hood. Battleships rescue people out of difficult situations. Who are you?

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