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The baptism of the Holy Spirit is likened to wine, and not water. Water refreshes but wine influences. Some have likened it to water. It’s not like water. The Word is like water. But the Holy Spirit is like wine, and I mean the best kind. The kind that makes you drunk. Because, they accused Peter of being drunk. It was the ninth hour and they said, “This guy’s got to be drunk to be this happy.”

One of the things that the Holy Ghost will give you is joy. Sometimes, I wish so much that God’s people would get happy! I’ve told people that I’m going to get a bunch of mannequins and paint happy faces on all of them. I’m going to get them to at least smile. Sometimes Christians are the saddest people in the world. You get the Holy Ghost and you ought to be happy. You ought to be full of God. You ought to be rejoicing.

The baptism of fire is not a refreshing. It’s an igniter. It’s a power that’s released with energy and zeal. It says that the storm that broke in on them in Acts 2:2 came in and ripped heaven open and fire dropped down.

I’m going to tell you something. Fire is one of the elements of the whole earth’s existence and fire has energy. Fire is what runs your car. It ignites the piston from the fire of the gas and spark and it runs your car. We need fire in us! We need Holy Ghost fire! John the Baptist said to the disciples that Jesus was coming and when he came he was going to baptize you with fire!

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