The War Between Light and Darkness

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It goes on to say, “Because of the abundance of wealth the Dead Sea shall be turned to you and unto you shall the nations come with their treasures.” People are attracted to you when you have light. People want to invest in what they can see. When you walk in light, but your light is nothing but darkness, people won’t invest in you. People won’t trust you. People won’t rely on you because what they see is not light, but darkness. When they see darkness they’re not willing to take a risk.

When you go outside or in your house and it’s dark, there’s a tendency for you to be a little apprehensive about how you walk. Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you ever jammed that foot of yours into something you shouldn’t have? And then you did a Mexican hat dance there on the floor while you did everything you could not to curse. Instead, you let praise come out of your mouth, while your foot was not praising God! When you’re in a moment, or a circumstance that you’ve been depressed and you’re all flat out… You need to rise up to a newness of life!

The message, today, is simply a black and white message. I’ll make it easier, so you don’t think I’m talking about race. It’s darkness and light. Our battle is not flesh and blood, but it’s against principalities and powers, wickedness in high places. Why are we battling about light? Because, that light is trying to be kept from you. Darkness and light are going to be defined for you in just a minute. I’m going to tell you who darkness and light are, and I’m going to tell you what darkness and light are (in the Hebrew), so that we can really get this, today. Ultimately, what I’m doing is I’m establishing the doctrine of Satan. You need to know the doctrine of what the Bible says this guy, Satan, is. He started off as Lucifer, and then was named the devil.

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