Prayer Will Be Answered

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I think prayer is not just staying in an attitude of prayer all the time, but pray without ceasing about that which you’re praying about. I don’t think there’s any problem with praying over and over again the same prayer. Some people get all caught up with that and say, “Well, I prayed it once. I’ve got faith it’s going to be answered.” I’m not going to say which is right and which is wrong. I don’t know, but I do know this… I’m going to keep praying. I think there are a lot more verses that say an unprayed prayer can never get answered. I think there’s a lot of those. But, I know this. A prayed prayer will be answered.  I’ve just got to not treat it in an intellectual, humanistic way. I’ve got to treat it in the realm of the Spirit of God. As I pray in the Spirit I have to move in the Spirit and expect in the Spirit. God’s time is not my time and my ways are not His ways. He gets to do whatever He wants to but I know He’s going to do it. My faith isn’t rocked a bit. I know that He’s going to hear my prayer.

I want to consider John the Baptist for a moment. I want to read just a little bit about him to you so you have a real good understanding of who John the Baptist was to Jesus. You know a lot of good things about him. You know he liked locust and camel hair, so he can’t be a bad guy. He didn’t really need a whole lot of other stuff. I don’t know how much other stuff was available, but he was certainly at the bottom end of the need level.

Matthew 11:2, “When John had heard in prison the work of Christ, he sent two of his disciples who said to him, ‘Are you he who should come or should we look for another?’” John was in prison very near his death when he prayed that. Now, let me tell you who he was to Jesus, and then we can have our own block party for all of the prayers that we don’t have answered. Think about the prayer that wasn’t answered for John. He was just praying to keep his head on. That’s a pretty simple prayer. “Can I keep my head today?” I don’t mean to make light of it, but it’s been a long time and we’re over it. Now, I’m learning from it. Now I understand him.

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