Pt 2 Who Is in Charge? The #1 Question in the 21st Century

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Look at this scripture. He was so clear. He goes down to the Sea of Galilee. Watch these two things. In Luke 5:1-3, “Now it occurred that while the people pressed upon Jesus to hear the message of God, He was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret (Sea of Galilee).And He saw two boats drawn up by the lake, but the fishermen had gone down from them and were washing their nets.” Get a picture! Jesus goes down by the lake and a couple of boats are drawn up by the shore, real close. He notices there are no men on the boat, and he looks up and sees a little ways down the shore. He sees some men who are working feverishly on their nets. The nets were massive. They got them out and hung them up with some boards and sticks. And, they’re doing something. They’re cleaning the nets. I come from a fishing family. Some of my uncles and aunts were in Cape Hatteras, one of the fishing capitals of the world. I grew up down there as a young man and spent many days down there. I owned a home down there so I understand that principle of being a fishing town.

Jesus is down there at the lake and he comes up to these boats and sees there’s nobody in them. He turns around and sees the guys up there on the shore. The nets were called gill nets. They have a square that’s tied with four knots, and the next square and the next. And, that forms the net. The fish swims in the net and when it opens its gills and goes to pull back, it can’t get out of the net. It’s called a gill net. That’s what drowns it and causes it to get caught. In that process, they were cleaning the nets. At the four corners of the net they tie the net together with the next square, and they tie it together. When they tie it, those knots are called ‘see-nothings’. The knots on the four corners are called see-nothings. That’s important because those are like apostles and prophets and evangelists and pastors and teachers. They are see-nothings! They disappear. It’s the net, which is who you are, and the net is so that you can catch the fish.

So, Jesus goes up, and what are they doing? They’re cleaning their nets. Why did they do that? Because, when they catch these fish, a lot of times these fish die, or parts of the body of the fish get broken off and get caught up in the web of the net. And, if the fish sees the dead fish in the net, the fish won’t go to the net. He’ll swim away. Because the dead fish tells them something is wrong. They were cleaning the nets because they were going to go out and fish again.

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