Guest Speaker (Dr.) John A. Tetsola

Apostle (Dr.) John A. Tetsola

Dr. John Tetsola is a renown international speaker who God has elevated in this season to father many in the body. As an apostle and a prophet, he walks boldly in an apostolic anointing while possessing a strong prophetic tongue.

He was born in Warri Nigeria, on the West Coast of Africa. As a best-selling author of many books, Dr. Tetsola has been often called, a Pastor’s Pastor.

Dr. Tetsola is the president of Ecclesia Word Ministries International. He is the senior leader of Dream Life Church International.

He is also the president of Reformers Bible Training Institute and Chairman and founder of Reformers Ministries International, a network of cutting-edge ministries. He holds a BS Degree, an MA degree, MBA degree, and a Ph.D. degree.

His personal mandate includes raising up an entire generation of world changers, end-time reformers, and revivalists for the new millennium.

Prophetic accuracy, signs and wonders and healing are prevalent in his ministry. Dr. Testsola and his wife Dr. Vickie lives in the state of New York.

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