Fellowship Churches

Rock City Church Fellowship (RCCF)

RCCF is a network of like-minded ministers, pastors and leaders who understand the value of Apostolic covering and have come under the leadership of Bishop Bart Pierce. The pastors and ministries are strengthened and unified for the common goal of advancing the Kingdom of God. They come from the US as well as many nations of the world.

Member Churches & Ministers

Rock International Church of Ghana

Pastor: Rev. Augustus & Rose Arthur

Pastor Vesna Arthur

Rock Church of Madagascar

Pastor: Apostle Haja and Lucille Rafidison

Rock City Church of Tanzania

Pastor: Vincent Sebastian Musyola and Mary Musyola

Claremont City Blessing, Walnut, CA

Pastor: Apostle Paul and Joyce Tan

Visit their website at https://www.cityblessing.org


Jim & Jess KilmartinCenter City Church

Pastor Jim and Jess Kilmartin &

Pastor Mark and Shannon Mielnik

Visit their website here at https://centercityaltoona.com