When Kronos and Kairos Come Together In the Fullness of Time

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I thought about when God showed up here in 1997. This couple was asking, “Can you give us a background? Tell us how the sequence of this happened.” I said, “Well, again, it is sovereign.” We began to tell them that there’s an understanding that God has given us. There were some events that were signs and warnings. They were God trying to tell us something. God is trying to tell this nation something. (You can hear the stories in the message link.)

God shifts us from a general chronos time to an opportune kairos time. One is earthly time and one is heavenly time. Divine appointments. And, when those two work together, like we experienced in 1997, it doesn’t mean that the process and the fight of faith is finished. It means we have shifted into a very strategic season where the opportunity is great, but not yet at full fruitfulness. So, when you have these collisions of time and destiny and of God doing something, oftentimes we assume that when chronos  and kairos came together, we must be in the moment. But, the moment is not yet. The moment is Galatians 4:4, “When the fullness of time had come God sent forth his son, born of a woman, born under the law.” The Bible not only speaks of chronos and kairos time, but also of pleroma, which is called the fullness of time in the Greek language. There is a time when something comes to its full fruition. Often times, we are impatient or we are ignorant of what God is doing and we do something opposite, or change course because we think we’ve got it figured out, and God must’ve showed up. And, you haven’t gotten to fullness yet. Say, “Lord, help me not miss my day.”

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