Choices: It Started In the Garden

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Choices have really been made since the beginning of time. It started in the garden with Adam and Eve. What were they given? The forbidden fruit was in the garden and it was within their reach. It was God, not the serpent, not Satan, that granted them the choice. They had the choice. They had the choice to take it, or the choice to say no. What’d they say? They said, “Yes! I want to eat of that. Yes, I hear you, devil, you slippery serpent. You said it’s good to eat so I’m going to believe you.” And, the consequences were very grim. We’ve been reaping those consequences ever since then. The serpent was there to help them choose the “or not”. They could take it, or not, and they chose the “or not”.

How many times, when we’re dealing with stuff, do we choose the “or not”?  Your “or not” is not the God way. Your “or not” is the world’s way. The enemy’s way. The wrong way. They chose not to trust. They chose not to obey. They chose not to supremely love the Supreme God. They decided to lean on their own understanding instead of trusting in the God who created them. And, they decided to pursue the hidden treasure of forbidden knowledge. They wanted to know.

We can look back on it now. We say, “Why were they so stupid? Why did they do that to us? Why? Why? Why?” But, if, if, if, the tables were turned and we were there and we were handed the fruit, would we take it? Would you take it? “Oh, these are really good juicy apples…” (Hands out apples to see if the people will take them)  “I know you wouldn’t take it…”

Do you know what I found out about the wax on the apples? Apples produce their own wax! It’s on them to preserve and protect them and keep the moisture in them so they stay fresh and firm longer. God does that with us! He puts something on us to preserve us! He gives us the Holy Ghost who comes and encompasses us and puts a barrier and a protection around us that says, “This far and no farther.” We have something on us that repels the enemy. He doesn’t like the smell of the fragrance of God that’s on us! He’ll do anything to get that off of us. He’ll come and try to shine us up to get the “wax coating” of the Holy Ghost off of us.

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