Courage Counts to the End

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We are in a milestone moment of celebration coming up this week at RCC. It’s an important celebration of thirty-six years! It’s an important moment. It really represents a victory over the devil. There are people here, today, who can testify that they walked in this church and God changed their lives!

We were talking last week about the fact that we have a standard and we have a principle of integrity and a constitution of character. We believe that you can stand in it, and that righteousness prevails. We believe those things. We believe the Word of God is more powerful than anything. God even says that he honors his Word above his own name. His word is powerful!

People have gotten delivered here. Many of you have gotten healed at this church and many of you got baptized in water here. Many of you got born again here. Hallelujah! How many of you have had a breakthrough of some kind here at this church? It’s evident that God is moving! Right? Yet, we need to realize that the prayers that we pray and that we stand in aren’t the norm.  A lot of churches aren’t going to prayer meetings. A lot of churches aren’t praying anymore. My friend, Joe Mattera, just wrote an article about the twenty-one reasons why churches are failing. He gives twenty reasons a lack of prayer is causing the church to fail. It’s true. People who fail to pray plan on failing.

We understand that we’ve pushed through in prayer. We have prayer here all day long. The prayer room is open anytime. The components that we’ve been able to assemble are amazing. We feed people on a regular basis by the hundreds. And, we’ve fed them by the thousands. This church was feeding twenty seven thousand people a month just a few years ago. That’s bigger than some cities. That’s a lot of people! And, that’s because we’re a praying people!

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