Enough is Enough: It’s Time for Release

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The word of the Lord has been clear here. The Lord wants to bless us financially. He said it through multiple prophets. So, when we pray, we’re not praying amiss. We’re not praying not in the will of God. We’re praying in the will of God. Because, the prophetic word came. 2 Peter 1:21, “No prophecy had its origins in the will of man. It’s the will of God.” So, when he prophesies over us, it’s the will of God. I’ve had enough of what the enemy has done to people. It’s time for the prophetic to manifest in our lives, and it needs to manifest now! It’s time for this to translate into that. Isn’t that what the prophet said? It’s time for the prophetic to translate into something in our life.

I want to talk about some things real briefly, and then we’re going to pray. Dating today is not like dating when my wife and I dated. She didn’t come up to me and say, “Scott, what’s your credit score?” There are people, today, who want to know what your credit score is. We weren’t sitting down eating some ribs at the Corner Stable and she said to me, “Scott, how much debt do you have?” People do that, today. They want to know how much debt you’re carrying. It’s real! Today, you’re dating and it’s like you’re auditioning for the part of a lifetime.

I have a saying. I’ve told my boys and I told the Bible School students. I tell them you marry into tribe. Tribes are important. You say, “Well, what’s the tribe?” The tribe is spirit filled believers. Okay? Spirit filled believers. Because, we can tell you horror stories! We had a close friend of ours who didn’t do that, and two weeks after his marriage I’m getting text messages while I’m sitting here listening to Bishop, and he’s whining and crying about, “She was not the Christian woman I thought she was.” I said to him, “I can’t tell you to dissolve a covenant that God started and created. Stay there and make it work.”

There’s a term, today, in the financial world and in the singles world and it’s called “financial attractiveness”. It’s sometimes referred to as an economic attractiveness. This is actually impacting marriage rates in America. You can look it up.

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