What Do You Have in Your House?

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The enemy is a master at deception. If he can keep you from realizing the good of God in you, he’ll get you to only see the outside of the bad in somebody.  And, you’ll never see the good in you because you’ll only see the bad in somebody that mistreated you. Until you discover who He is in you, you will always be looking in the wrong place for your deliverance and your breakthrough. You’ll think your breakthrough comes from a husband or a wife, or some thing.

I love Romans 10:8. It says, “The word is near you, even in your mouth.” That word there is logos. That is the knowledge of God is in you. The logos of God, the knowledge of God’s spoken word, is in you. Because, when God made you, he made you and me with a spoken word. So, when He sent the word, the word was encased in a natural seed, but it was in the wrappings of an eternal plan that God had. He put a natural wrapping of a seed, but he put a spoken word inside the seed. Jesus is a natural seed with a living Word of God in it. Come on, now!

We need to realize that we’re talking about Elohim, the great creator, himself. We’re going to go back to the story in just a minute. Watch this! It takes somebody who is very confident in who they are because they know that who’s in them is greater. So, here comes this guy, Elisha. He’s going to come into the story. And, to come along in yours and my path of purpose, he comes along to help us discover who you are and not who they are. We live in a church culture where preachers want you to know who they are more than they want you to find who He is in you. We have churches, today, that haven fallen into the trap of the social agenda of trying to help people find out who they are. But, I’ve got to tell you something. The greatest discovery you’ll ever make is that you’re nobody. And, He’s somebody! If you discover who’s in you, you won’t even care about who you are. But, when you can’t find Him, all you’ll think about is who you are. And everything that happens will always be your offense because you’re worried about who you are instead of who He is, and if you’re in Him you don’t care about who you are. That’s why it says there’s no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus. Can you get this?

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