Living Proof

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There is proof! I’m going to give you five points that will help illustrate that. In photography, there’s a thing called proof. It starts off with a negative and there comes a real life picture, or photo, that appears from the negative. Just like our lives, we start off in a negative. The Bible says that we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. David said that we’re born in sin. We’re shaped in iniquity. So, we start off in a negative and then, we move to a photo. Is the photo of you, today, a photo of the negative of where you’ve been or is it a touched up photo? Is it a changed photo? Is it a photo that says there’s life in you? The only Savior who’s alive today, who can save us, is proof to that.

Here’s another one. Proof is what the steel worker is working with and looking at when he’s casting and shaping the product of his steel. When he’s doing that, he’s trying to get something. He’s using extreme heat and some rigorous testing to gain proof that he needs that his product will stand under pressure. Boy! Isn’t that true? There’s proof to see how pressure works.

Here’s the third one. Gold is our standard around the world, and especially in America, that our paper money says it has value because it’s gold that’s backing it. So, God is the proof of the evidence! Like the gold is!

Watch this one. It’s number four. We place labels on almost everything, giving proof that the product that we purchase is what it says it is, and will do what it says it will do. Have you fought with those tags in your shirts and you had to rip them out because that tag was bugging you? But, that tag means that somebody looked at that garment and they approved of it before it was shipped out for you and me. There’s a label that sends the proof. I’ll tell you about that in a second. You might see the ‘Good Housekeeping’ seal on the product that you bought. It’s the evidence that that piece of equipment or the material is really real.

Here’s the last one. It’s the yeast we put in our bread or cakes that make it rise. When it rises, we get the evidence of the proof that the yeast worked and the bread rose up.

I’m going to share with you what God can do if you only believe there’s proof. There’s evidence! And, we need to give the verdict. We need to be, like jurors, and say, “No doubt! No doubt! The evidence is in that Jesus is Alive!”

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