Stay in the River

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Look at verse 9. “Her filthiness was in and on her skirts; she did not seriously and earnestly consider her final end.” There are people that just forgot that life is short. They forgot how vulnerable things are—how fragile the human life is, and the human body. All of a sudden, we don’t take seriously the fact that there’s something coming that we’re all going to have to face. And, what’s there afterwards?  “Therefore, she has come down from throne to slavery…” That’s the throne of her own pride. “…and singularly and astonishingly; she has no comforter.” There it is, again! “O Lord, cries Jerusalem, “look at my affliction, for the enemy has magnified himself in triumph!” She has no comforter.

Verse 10, The adversary has spread out his hand upon all her precious and desirable things; for she has seen the nations enter her sanctuary of the temple—” We’ve let the world in the church! “…when You commanded that they should not even enter Your congregation in the outer courts.” Oh my! We must repent, today, and we must look for the comforter. Oh!  But, we have a promise, saints! Stay with me.

Verse 11, “All her people groan and sigh, seeking for bread; they have given their desirable and precious things in exchange for food to revive their strength and bring back life. See, O Lord, and consider how wretched and lightly esteemed, how vile and abominable, I have become! 12 Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by? Look and see if there is any sorrow like my sorrow which was dealt out to me, with which the Lord has afflicted me in the day of His fierce anger!”

Jeremiah was releasing the groanings of his heart and he was weeping and saying, “Look at me. I’m carrying the burden of what God is doing in this judgement and in this wrath.” Verse 13, “From above He has sent fire into my bones, and it prevailed against them. He has spread a net for my feet; He has turned me back. He has made me hopelessly miserable and faint all the day long. The yoke of my transgressions is bound by His hand; they were twined together; they were set upon my neck. He has made my strength fail and [me to] stumble; the Lord has delivered me into the hands of those I am unable to resist or withstand.”

This thing has delivered us into the hand of being shut down and being isolated. Many are sick, and many have fallen dead to this disease. And, here we are around the world facing this. There are over one hundred and eighty different countries who are dealing with the hand of God.

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