2020 in Review

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When we shut down in March there was a whole lot of people who just left and they didn’t say why they left. They didn’t say when they left. They just disappeared. They ‘ghosted’. I’m a business owner and I’ve interviewed people. One week I had fifteen interviews set up and only three people showed up. In the business world that’s called ghosting. But, in the church world it’s the same thing. We’ve got to redeem that ghost! We’ve got to get a little redemption happening here, that if you’re a part of the body, you’ve got to talk! The body is family, and people are just bouncing out, tapping out, saying, “I’m out of here.”

I’m telling you, it’s not just the pastors and leaders responsibility to reach out to you. How about we grow up a little bit? Right? How about we mature a little bit and we talk to each other? And we actually care for each other? I’m a pastor and you know what? It hurts a little bit whenever people that I invested in for two and three years just tap out and don’t even say anything. They don’t even say, “See ya later.” They just go. I know that’s par for the course. But, it’s real.

Can I just say that to you as a church family, and people that are watching on-line (or reading this)?  Isolation is the scheme of the enemy in this hour. He’s a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Who the roaring lion looks for are the weak, the lame and the isolated. You’re playing into the scheme of the enemy but the other thing that it does is, whenever you care and you go, is it leaves a wound. I preach really well when I’m healed, but you know, I’ve got to get up here and preach sometimes when I’m wounded. When I’ve been bitten and when I’ve been kicked at times.

Everybody expects the preacher to have it all together, but the reality is, every preacher is just a person. They’re wonderful when they’re under the anointing and they’re wonderful when the character of God has come upon them and He’s worked on them. But, the reality is, we’re all just like you and you’re just like us. We’re just like Elijah. Like any other man. And, when we elevate somebody too high, we put ourselves in a place that’s a dangerous place. I know your bishop’s a prophet, but he’s not God. He doesn’t hear whenever you’re hurting all the time. There are hundreds and thousands of people all over the world… That’s God’s responsibility. I’m just talking real with you for a moment, all right?

This Christmas, let’s get over unforgiveness. Let’s leave unforgiveness in 2020. Let’s deal with unforgiveness right now, for a moment…

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