How Do You Handle the Storms?

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I heard this phrase this morning: “It’s the little foxes.” It’s the little foxes that will ruin the vineyard. Song of Solomon talks about this. And he says, be wary of the little foxes. Listen to me for a minute, because this is a word for the Church today. You can say about the election, you can say about whatever in these days. You play well enough to win, but you play sloppy enough to lose. Pay attention to the little foxes, for they will come and ruin the vineyard. And the vineyard is what produces the wine, what produces the grapes, what produces the anointing. My wife is preaching on the anointing back home today. And I’ll tell you, one of the things that ruins the anointing is the little foxes that come and chip away in the vineyard. You and I want to walk with an anointing, don’t we? We want to heal the sick, we want to raise the dead, we want to cast out devils! There’s an anointing for that! But be watchful over the little foxes that sneak in.

My son’s football team had seven pre-snap penalties that caused them to start from a deficit seven different times. There are times we start from a deficit because we have had a false start, an illegal procedure, a delay in game. Sometimes, we would say this, that delayed obedience is disobedience. And a false start in a game – it should not happen. Illegal motion should not happen. It’s the little things. And then he missed a 25-yard field goal. He’s been almost perfect kicking extra points. But he got in his head. And last game, he missed an extra point, and messed his head up. And he went up to the coach before the last kick in the game, and he said, “Coach, I can’t make the kick.” State championship’s on the line.

Stay focused. Stay steady. And be unshaken. Be focused, be steady, and be unshaken. I’m gonna correlate this to us today as a remnant church. When the shaking happens, will you look at it and say, “I can’t make the kick, coach. I can’t do it, because I missed the last one.” I don’t care if you missed the last one! That’s what repentance is! You screwed up, you messed up, renew your mind and let’s go do it again! Let’s get it right!

We’re in an hour that, it’s like — I went to the arcade last night with Benjamin and Karis, and Blaise. As we walked in, they said, “We have a new policy. If you’re told one time that you don’t have your mask on, you’ll be warned one time. Second time you’ll be told to leave. So, I’m in the arcade and had my mask on. It came below my nose, and I took it off to adjust it, and they said, “That’s your warning.” I’m like, really? I’m a visitor. What’s going on? They’re serious.

I’m telling you, there will be people that are watching you. Be focused, be steady, and be unshaken in this hour. There are people that are coming against you. There are people that are looking for you to trip up. There are people that are looking for you to just make that one mistake, and they say, “It’s time. You’re out. You’re out.” I’m telling you, the presence, the persecution, and the storms are coming.

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