Cheap Grace or Costly Grace

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The revelation of knowing God is why you come back to the Father. You came back to the Father because you wanted to get restored back to him. You didn’t come back to the Father to eat. You didn’t come back to church so that you could have some new experience. You came back to church, if you’re born again and really living the Christian life, because you wanted to get back with your Father.

The children of Israel only knew God from miracle to miracle, but Moses knew the deep intention and long range plan of God. Moses understood the essence, the heartbeat and the direction of God. Think about that! That’s real important! Moses understood the essence. In other words, who God was in character. The heartbeat…what his desire was. And then, what his directions were.

God’s people, today, need to move away from just being in church because that day is so gone. I can’t even help you. That day’s gone. There are people sitting at home, today, that will never go back to church again. And it won’t be because they decided. It will be because God will send them a spirit, that of deception and delusion, to keep them from coming back because they’re only coming back to get a meal. They’re only coming to get his deeds. The mega churches aren’t going to exist. All that’s happening and it’s all shifting. What’s happening is people are counting the cost.

I mentioned a guy named Bonhoeffer to you. Bonhoeffer is an interesting read. I have two of his books and one of them is old and very hard to get. He had a doctrinal position of opposition to the status quo of the church during Hitler’s rise, from 1939 on forward. He died in 1945. He was hung. He made some profound statements. One of the things I want you to catch is this. He dealt with this subject costly grace. The reason he wrote a book about costly grace is because he was confronting cheap grace.

 In the last fifteen years the subject of grace has surfaced again. Those of you who don’t know history, in 1949-51, when there was an outpouring called the Latter Rain outpouring out of Saskatchewan, Canada, Violet Kiteley, David Shoch, and others I associate with… The stream that I come from is the Latter Rain Stream. What’s amazing to see is that this whole thing that unfolded with grace drove away some of God’s choice ministers who were birthed in the Latter Rain. They left it. One of them is Dr. Ed Miller, who brought the Argentine Revival with Tommy Hicks in 1950. Dr. Miller was part of the Latter Rain outpouring. You say, “Well, why do I care about that?” You should care about that because that’s where the laying on of hands and presbytery were restored to the church (Hebrews 6).

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