Separation Comes Before Deliverance

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Psalm 91 says the secret place. He that dwells in the secret place, the hiding place of God. Listen now! Here’s what’s going on. I’m going to read the rest of it to you, but I want you to get the picture. This is a story of Habakkuk repeating the moment that the Israelites were down at the Red Sea with the Egyptians pressing in on them to attack them. Pharaoh’s chariots are coming on top of them. They’re standing at the very water’s edge and they’re looking at water. They’re bound. They’re stopped. They’re in a place of ‘we can’t go back and we can’t go forward’. 

That’s the narrow place. That’s the tight place. That’s the place that God has America right now! We can’t go back to the old methods and the old things. And, there’s no light in front of us to seemingly tell us that we can go forward. We’re kind of stuck in the middle. How many of you feel that way? Look at it this way. We don’t know who the president is! And do not tell me it is Joe Biden! He’s not the president! Now, the media did that and that’s illegal. That’s wrong. The media said he was and it’s wrong. It will be established on around the 14th of December. That’s when it will be done and all the electoral people will make that decision and then we’ll know. But right now, I’m not calling him the president. You don’t have two presidents at one time! 

I’ve said all that to get a picture. Israel is down at the water and Moses has got his staff and he’s weeping. He’s calling out to God and there’s nothing but water and there’s the sound of hooves from the chariots and the wheels coming. They know they have got to have an answer, NOW! Oh! Is that true to today! Watch this now! I want you to see. He’s going. The prophet sees this.  Jesus is coming across the water riding on top of the water and the praises are starting to arise and the Bible tells us that when his foot touches the ground, the ground begins to shake! You’re going to get a picture of what happens in this. Because, this is a baptism! Israel is about ready to get baptized. The ‘old man’ is about ready to die and the new man is going forth!

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