The Battle Is Intensifying

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I want you to hear this. I hear the voice of the Lord saying that we’re not entering into a season of revival. Revival may come in time, but we are not going into a season of revival. Not yet! The war has intensified. I heard the Lord tell me these things. The war is going to increase. It’s going to get heavier. There’s a new phase in the battle. It’s for truth and the souls of men and women, young and old. The next 143 days are going to be rough! Write it down. Put it in your bonnet. Listen to me! The next 143 days are going to be rough! They’re going to be challenging. They’re going to be difficult.

Now, we can learn some things. We can learn how to walk in this kind of day. But I want you to hear that the war has intensified, and things are going to get heavier and heavier. One of the things that God spoke to me… This is a prophetic piece that I’ll give to you. I said it a moment ago. There has been permission given for ancient, demonic forces to arise. These are ancient, demonic forces of principalities and powers. They’ve been held back for such a time as this. And, they have now been given permission to move and to go and bring their destruction in the earth. Not just America. These ancient demonic forces have lived in the dark place of the abyss, and they have lived there for all these eternal times. They’ve been there, and they are powerful, dark, fallen angels. They’ve been given permission to move.

History shows us, and I’m going to give you some biblical understanding, that there have been times where it would seem like something got loosed over the nations. World War 1 and World War 2. These were moments, and there were other things. The Civil War. These were moments where it seemed like something was pulled back and allowed darkness to move in and prevail. During the Spanish flu, fifty million were killed. Then, there’ve been times where those spirits have withdrawn back into the dark place, only for us to foolishly think that they would not appear again. Are you listening?

We will continue on Friday! Have a great week!